Kanfit has in-house capabilities to design and manufacture tooling used for the parts and products manufactured on-site, including assemblies,molds, jigs, tools, fixtures, and more.
We know how to choose the optimal materials for each application, taking into consideration our customer's needs—budgets, engineering tolerance requirements, quantities, work efficiency, worker safety, among others. With the latest manufacturing technologies at our disposal, Kanfit’s production tools are made from the highest quality metalscomposite materials, rubber, plastics, wood, as well as a combination of materials.

By combining our extensive tooling skills and prototyping capabilities, Kanfit provides its customers with a full set of proven tools ready for serial production. 

GRE Trimming Tool
GRE Drilling Jig
Rapid Prototyping Layup Tool
Carbon Layup Tool for Autoclave
3.5m Glass Layup Tool for Autoclave
3.5m SATCOM Radome Master for Autoclave