Kanfit has a long history of working with composite materials. Composite materials are an ideal solution for the aerospace industry because they are lighter and stronger than most metals, resulting in improved fuel efficiency of aerial platforms and reduced operating costs. They are also less sensitive to changes in temperature and do not rust.  

Kanfit completed a 3m long radome prototype for SATCOM applications for flying platforms made from quartz epoxy prepreg materials. Click here to read more.

With over 25 years of experience in the composite materials market, Kanfit uses the latest technologies, including:

  • RTM – Resin Transfer Molding
  • LRI – Liquid Resin Injection
  • Prepreg – Oven & Vacuum
  • Wet Lay Up
  • Autoclave

From part design to serial production, materials can be embedded, bonded or assembled. Kanfit provides a full range of high quality, high performance materials and processes to achieve weight reduction and stiffening of highly loaded structures.  Kanfit also offers in-house non-destructive tests (NDT) and ultrasonic inspections of composite laminates, bonded structures and assemblies according to customer requirements (IAI), and tap inspection of non-metallic structures. Click here to learn more about our laboratory capabilities for products that are manufactured in-house.

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