Kanfit maintains fully equipped on-site laboratories for mechanical, physical and chemical testing of composite and metal products that are manufactured in-house. Testing is performed by Kanfit′s highly experienced team to ensure that materials and components comply with customer and industry requirements and standards.

Kanfit’s advanced laboratory capabilities include:

Physical Properties

  • Fiber volume content and weight content fraction (ASTM D3171, according to customer requirements) 
  • Void content (ASTM D2734, according to customer requirements) 
  • Resin content ( ASTM D2584 for glass laminates, according to customer requirements) 
  • Laminate Density (Archimedes Method Test ASTM D3800 Process A) 
  • Thickness and visual inspection

 Mechanical Properties

  • Short beam (ASTM D2344 / D2344M)     
  • Drum peel (ASTM D1781)         
  • Compression (ASTM D1621, Compressive properties of rigid cellular plastic)
  • Tensile strength for aluminum (ASTM E8 / E8M, ASTM B557)
  • Contact electrical resistance (MIL-DTL-81706)
  • Flatwise tensile strength (ASTM C297, according to customer requirements)
  • Sandwich flexure testing (ASTM C393, according to customer requirements)

 Chemical Properties

  • Chemical testing and analysis (according to customer requirements)   
  • Etch rate determination (according to customer requirements) 
  • Paint adhesion (ASTM D3359 Method A, B; FED-STD-141 (method 6301.3))     
  • Salt spray (ASTM B117)

 Non-Destructive Tests (NDT)

  • Ultrasonic inspection of composite laminates, bonded structures and assemblies according to customer requirements (IAI)
  • Tap inspection of non-metallic structures 

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Salt Spray Test
Laminate Density (Archimedes Method Test)
Tensile Strength Test for Aluminum
Chemical Testing and Analysis
Chemical Properties Laboratory
NDT Testing