Additive Manufacturing

Industrial 3D additive manufacturing is the latest technology to be introduced at Kanfit through its sister company Kanfit 3D. The company produces high-quality metal parts for the aerospace, medical and dental industries using: 

  • SLM 280 Selective Laser Melting System for aluminum parts for the aerospace industry
  • EOS M290 manufacturing machine based on Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) using titanium alloy Ti64 G5 for the medical industry

Kanfit couples its technological know-how and experience to surpass the limits of traditional manufacturing with rapid prototyping, using additive manufacturing to produce tooling inserts, complex prototypes and customized parts, and serial products from Aluminum and Titanium Alloy Ti64 G5. Parts are manufactured directly from CAD data.

Kanfit offers hybrid manufacturing, which combines additive manufacturing with CNC machining, as well as SLA rapid prototyping. Kanfit also uses RTV tooling & urethane casting to quickly produce parts in short-runs that do not qualify for serial production. With its new additive manufacturing capabilities, Kanfit is able to perform reverse engineering and to manufacture:

  • ​Aerospace parts
  • Medical implants
  • Dental implant bars
  • Prototypes
  • Injection molding parts

Watch how Kanfit manufactures quality, aerospace-grade products with 3D printing.
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​​Download 3D's datasheet