Hybrid Structures

Kanfit is constantly exploring new techniques for engineering next-generation parts and components that will enable our customers to achieve optimal energy efficiency and performance. Kanfit leverages its experience with metal and composite materials to manufacture light-weight hybrid structures.

Our ability to deliver complete hybrid structures gives our customers two main advantages:

  1. A highly specialized service, which is usually provided only by large companies, enabling higher flexibility and lower overhead.
  2. Saves our customers from the need to split work packages among multiple suppliers.

Kanfit’s manufactures the following hybrid structures:

  • Business jet avionics doors  – composite skin and metallic door hinges and locking mechanisms
  • Instrument panels & pedestals– metallic skeleton, composite panels and ducts
  • RTM chaff and flare magazines – composite structure with embedded metallic insert
  • UAV engine cowlings –  composite cowling with embedded metallic panels to improve heat conductivity and protect the carbon skin
  • EMI/RFI composite boxes with embedded metallic layers
  • RTM antennas – composite shell with embedded wiring and metallic interface components 
  • Large scale circuit boards – copper fiberglass structures for high voltage applications
  • Avionics trays – from composite and metal components.

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Main Landing Gear Door
Hybrid Avionics Tray
Business Jet Hybrid Cockpit Structure
Hybrid Avionics Door
Hybrid Instrument Panel (Back View)
Hybrid Cockpit Structure