Military & Defense

Kanfit is a premier manufacturer of components for military aircrafts. Kanfit’s parts and assemblies can be found on:

  • F-15, F-16, F-35, Eurofighter Typhoon, and more
  • V-22, CH-47, CH-53, AH-64, UH-60, and others  
  • C-17, C-130, military tankers, and more 

Kanfit specializes in the manufacturing of composite and metallic primary and detailed parts, sub-assemblies and "ready to mount" assemblies, upgrade kits, windows assemblies (CH-53 mini-gun window assembly), composite instrument panels, glare shields, composite covers, chaff & flare magazines, window prototypes, tools, molds for composite parts, fixtures, primary parts, subassemblies, installations and modifications. Kanfit has the capabilities to manufacture parts using Mylars or reverse engineering. 

Kanfit’s advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities using metals and composite materials has enabled the company to develop innovative solutions for the space and defense industries, including parts and assemblies for satellites, a 3.5 meter long radome for SATCOM applications for flying platforms and composite parts from carbon phenol for high temperature applications.

F-16 Fuel Tank Cover
F-18 External Fuel Tank Line
Heat Exchanger Component
RTM 1.6m Folding Wing
Engine Cowling