Vision, Mission, Strategy

Kanfit’s goal is to become the supplier of choice to the world’s aerospace and medical device market leaders and to remain a longlasting, profitable and sustainable company.

Our strategy is to leverage our expertise in order to:

  • Become a primary subcontractor to international market leaders in the aerospace industry.
  • Establish joint ventures with medical instrument manufacturers in order to supply them with cutting edge composite and hybrid structures for the medical industry.
  • Invest significant resources in research and development, new technologies and manufacturing innovations.
  • Grow and expand our product and service offerings for our existing customers while acquiring new customers.
  • Become the market leader in all areas of operation.

Kanfit is dedicated to:

  • Excellence at all levels of performance.
  • Innovation and teamwork in all areas of our work.
  • Providing our employees with a safe and fair work environment.
  • Working towards a zero environmental footprint for future generations.