The new 832 sq. m. autoclave and laboratory facility enables Kanfit to meet its customers' growing needs for high-performance, cost effective composite components. The building is dedicated to the production of aerospace-grade composite structures that meet the industry's highest standards, as well as LRI and oven-cured prepreg components. Costs and supply time are significantly reduced since all work is performed in-house. Kanfit completed a 3 meter long radome in autoclave made from quartz epoxy prepreg materials. 

The new facility includes:

  • Autoclave

    • 18' X 7' (5.5m X 2.1m)
    • 250°C / 482°F
    • 10.3BAR / 149PSI
    • 36 Thermocouples
    • 10 Vacuum source points
    • 10 pressure sense points
  • Clean room standard ISO 7(Class 10,000)
  • Laser projects for exact lay up of layers
  • Fabric cutting machine for accurate and quick cutting
  • Freezer room for prepregs storage
  • Large preparation and operation zone
  • Oven 

New laboratory capabilities:

Physical property testing:

  • Fiber volume content
  • Fiber weight content fraction
  • Void content
  • Resin content
  • Density
  • Thickness & visual inspection 

Mechanical property testing

  • Short beam
  • Drum peel
  • Compression