Medical Devices

By leveraging our extensive experience integrating composite materials and metals, together with our in-house manufacturing technologies and capabilities, Kanfit is able to manufacture advanced composite and hybrid structures from both composite materials as well as from conductive metals for electro-magnetic applications. 

Advanced electromagnetic devices require no additional metallic components that can interfere with the magnetic field. In the past, various plastic materials were used to bypass this issue. However, over time, the requirements for additional dimensional stability became more rigorous for larger devices, and plastics no longer provided the optimal solution. By using composite materials, dimensional stability has significantly improved over time. Kanfit is able to manufacture electro-magnetic structures with dimensional tolerances as tight as 5 microns for very high voltage applications. Depending on the application, various materials can be used.

Kanfit manufactures:

  • X-ray transparent components for x-ray machines

  • Components for prosthetic devices and implants

  • Parts and assemblies for imaging systems

  • Ultrasonic conductors

  • Circuit boards, and more

Kanfit uses carbon fiber, glass fiber, a variety of resins including epoxy, polyester and other lightweight and fire resistant (UL94) materials in order to provide the optimal solution to our customers.

No job is too large. From product specification to mass production, Kanfit offers high-precision products and solutions that meet the growing needs of the medical market. 

Kanfit has been awarded a prestigious EU grant as part of the HYPERDIAMOND consortium which is developing platforms for hyperpolarized MRI-based molecular imaging. Click here to learn more about this exciting project. 

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