Production Facilities

Kanfit’s maintains all its manufacturing and production efforts under one roof. Built to keep up with our expanding business and the growing needs of our customers, the 3,200 sq.m modern building with state-of-the-art equipment, is situated on two levels: The ground level houses the manufacturing department for sheet metal detailed parts and heavy machinery. Heat treatment and chemical processing departments are also located on this level. The assembly and composite materials departments are situated on the second floor. Our recently completed a 850 sq.m autoclave facility enables us to improve our products, increase productivity, cut production time, and reduce costs for our customers.

Kanfit’s manufacturing capabilities include:

Machining - 5-Axis CNC (New)
• Machining - CNC / conventional machines, high speed CNC router, lathes 
• Forming – Brake press, rubber press
• Heat treatment (Al alloys)
• Argon TIG Welding - aluminum, steel, stainless steel, Inconel 625
• Chemical conversion line - Alodine 1200s / 600
• Painting chamber
• Clean rooms for RTM, LRI, prepregs & wet layup

• Resin mixing and injecting machines 
• Laser projectors
• Fabric cutting machines
• Kitting area
• 18' X 7' Autoclave
• Deep freezers
• Computer managed fasteners warehouse

• Cure, post cure and drying ovens
• Tube beading machine

• Ink marking

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