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Finding a dependable supplier that is skilled in the hybrid assembly of both composite materials and metals  can be difficult, if not impossible. The choices are limited—particularly for small and medium size companies: Contract a large company to do the work and prices will be higher; choose an SME, and more than likely two vendors will be needed—one for composites and the other for metals, and possibly a third supplier will be required for assembly. And in the end, who is responsible if something goes wrong?

Kanfit offers the perfect solution: As a full-service supplier of both composite and metal parts, Kanfit provides the highest level of expertise in the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly—all performed in-house. We deliver the final product, ready to mount, directly to the customer’s assembly line.

Don’t go to a large manufacturer where your work may be put aside in favor of a larger customer, and don't  divide your work between two or three subcontractors. Contact Kanfit. Just  provide us with a 3D model of your component and we will perform the work in a timely and efficient manner — all within budget.

Using cutting-edge technologies, Kanfit offers expert services in:
  • Composite parts and bonded assemblies – including advanced RTM & LRI technology.
  • Metallic airframe primary parts & assemblies.
  • Plastic hot forming and transparencies.
  • Tooling for production and assembly of airframe parts, metallic and composites.
‚ÄčKanfit will save you time, money and aggravation!

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